Cardiologist  - Benedict Maniscalco, MD - Why NRF1 and NRF2 for the heart.  Over 3500 patients  & counting ...

Pediatrician - Neil Goodman, MD -   The 4 critical pillars of health.

Internal Medicine - Alice Reed, MD   - Benefits of Protandim

3 MDs review and discuss the incredible science behind the Lifevantage products.

Why synergy is vital for results  Dr. Joe McCord

Protandim, in a proven study, outperforms Tecfidera, a 50k-a-year drug for  multiple sclerosis.

NRF2 Healthcare Providers   on why  Lifevantage products

How Protandim tunes your genome to effect extraordinary health benefits - Dr. Joe McCord

NRF2 Science Webinar with Dr. Mark Gordon

The  Ohio State Heart Study published by the American Heart Association

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